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Schroff UK introduces enhanced version of desk-top case
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Schroff UK has introduced a new version of its popular propac systems case. Known as propacPRO, it is particularly suitable for test and measurement applications and can be configured for use as a desk-top or portable case, accommodating 19in. or non-standard components and plug-in units.

As well as featuring an updated design, propacPRO offers good RFI shielding for the protection of sensitive electronics and incorporates four ventilation grills in the base plate for effective thermal management.

Available in 2U, 3U, 4U and 6U versions, propacPRO features a robust yet light-weight die-cast aluminium frame and can be specified with a wide variety of accessories, including front panels, rear panels, handles, feet and guide rails.

The propacPRO side panels have integral screw channels with a 15mm pitch for mounting internal components, making the new case compatible with parts and accessories from Schroff's renowned europacPRO subrack range.

While assembly of the case from piece parts is quite straightforward, Schroff also offers a full assembly service if required. In addition, propacPRO can be customised by Schroff to suit individual needs, e.g. non-standard depths or modifications such as cutouts or printing.

Schroff UK Ltd

Maylands Avenue
HP2 7DE Hemel Hempstead - United Kingdom -Hertfordshire
tel: +44 1442 240 471
fax: +44 1442 234 408

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June 2012