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Product group : Software
EMI Effects On PCBs
interactive, on-line training
Reference: 3030

Designed to equip users with a detailed understanding of the physics that underpins best high-speed design practice, the EMC Training System is part of Zuken's Advanced Engineering Services programme and provides on-demand training for engineers at their desks using a standard browser interface. The package includes documented design guidelines, illustrated examples of how best practice can be achieved and interactive practical sessions. The user can change physical and some electrical characteristics of conductors and other PCB or device parameters. The resulting changes in electrical characteristics, for example impedance, are automatically charted in real-time. The system runs on any Windows PC and is launched in a browser desktop. It is based on HTML, Java, Java.Script and Perl content and is coupled to external simulation tools. The system's home page information is divided into 'Basics' and 'Signal Integrity'. Over 100 interactive Java applets and animations provide interactivity in the full system and on-line help is available throughout the tutorials. A demonstration version of the software can be downloaded at www.zuken.com/emctraining.

Taiyo Yuden Europe GmbH
Nordring 23
90765 Fürth - Germany
tel: +49 911 936 4125
fax: +49 911 936 4190

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Feb. 2008