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Product Sub-group : Potentiometers
Digitally Programmable Pot
100-tap, up to 8V operation
Reference: 1493

Xicor has introduced the X9318 family of 100-tap, non-volatile digitally programmable potentiometers. The potentiometers can operate at up to 8V, allowing extra dynamic range for higher voltage applications. Operation at 8V across the potentiometer is allowed while the digital control operates between 0V and 5V. The X9318 features a 100-tap wiper with 99 segmented resistors and an Rtotal of 10k Ohm. Using the UP/DOWN interface, the system designer can adjust the wiper position to the setting that provides the optimal system performance. In addition, this setting can be stored in the internal EEPROM memory. The device eliminates the need for an on-board microcontroller and lowers post-trim manufacturing costs for bias and control applications.

Xicor Ltd
Grant Thornton House
Witan Way
OX8 6FE Witney - United Kingdom
tel: +44 (01993)700544
fax: +44 (01993)700533

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Feb. 2008
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