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Product group : Software
Customised Control Solutions
programmable in compliance with IEC61131-3
Reference: 1409714097

The IPC@CHIP, with its multitasking/RTOS real-time operating system and Web functionality, provides the basis for nearly all Beck IPC industrial control and communication products. With the implementation of the CoDeSys IEC61131-3 run time system onto the IPC@CHIP, customised control solutions (hardware and software) can now be implemented quickly and economically. They are programmable in compliance with IEC61131-3. The HC05 and HC100 modular CPU modules will be the first two products available that can be programmed both in C/C++ and a CoDeSys variant. This new implementation allows the CoDeSys run time system to execute as a real-time task inside the multitasking environment of the IPC@CHIP. The Internet capability of the IPC@CHIP is fully retained, and the user can add additional C tasks that work independently of the ICE61131-3 run time system. The data transfer between the CoDeSys run time system and other RTOS tasks take place via an internal software interface. Simple web visualisations can also be provided quickly and easily with the graphic editor of the CoDeSys programming package.

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January 2008
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