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Product Sub-group : SRAM
Rad Hard Memory
16Mbit SRAM in a 84-lead SOP
Reference: 15214

The MMSR32510804STC is a 16Mbit commercial-off-the-shelf integrated Static RAM organised as 512k x32. The module is made of four memories (512k x 8 each) accessed with independent write enable. The units are well-suited for high-reliability applications, with a radiation tolerance over 200krads, offering a SEU less than 10-9 upset/bit-day. They are latch-up immune up to 80 LET MeV-cm2/mg. 3D Plus technology is qualified by ESA and CNES for space applications. Other characteristics of the module include an access time of 17ns, operation from 2.5V (with an I/O supply voltage of 3.3V) and fully static operation. The modules come in a 84-lead SOP with a 0.5mm pitch and are available in commercial, industrial and military temperature ranges.

3D Plus
641 rue Hélène Boucher
78532 Buc - France
tel: +33-(01)30832650
fax: +33-(01)39562589

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