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Product group : Software
Single Sign-On Solution
with fully integrated smart-card support
Reference: 19142

ActivIdentity announced SecureLogin Single Sign-On Version 6.0 as the industry's first enterprise single sign-on (e-SSO) solution with fully integrated smart card support. SecureLogin Single Sign-On is a credential management solution that provides users with a consolidated identity that enables fast and easy access to corporate resources using a single secure log in. Authenticated users can quickly access their applications with automated log in and credential management, and eliminate the burden of remembering multiple credentials for different applications, or dealing with frustrating password policy. IT organizations build efficiencies by streamlining and applying consistent and secure credential management policy, cutting down on the number of passwords issued to users, and reducing time spent on administration, support and training. Whereas most other e-SSO solutions only utilize smart cards for authentication to the network, SecureLogin provides customers the option to store application credentials directly on a smart card and utilize an existing PKI infrastructure to encrypt the directory data store. The solution automatically detects and SSO-enables more than 70 popular applications out-of-the-box, and web profiling wizards allow companies to easily SSO-enable almost all pre-packaged, web or in-house applications. SecureLogin is server-less, eliminating the need for additional hardware.

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Oct. 2007
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