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April 2007

Product group : Software
Product sub group : Electronic Design automation (EDA, CAD, CAE)

Electromagnetic Simulation

toolsuite ready for 32- and 64-bit Linux

toolsuite ready for 32- and 64-bit Linux
RF design engineers involved in the electromagnetic design and optimisation of passive components such as antennas, filters and connectors, as well as those interested in signal integrity or EMC effects, can now choose to run their CST EM simulation solvers on Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 3 or 4, as an alternative to the already available Microsoft Windows versions. In addition to Linux support, CST Microwave Studio (MWS) 2006B offers enhanced performance and robustness particularly in the Time Domain solver, thanks to a new Perfect Boundary simulation mesher and the new flexible subgridding scheme with drastically reduced memory requirements. The Frequency Domain solver also allows users to excite structures by plane waves and slanted ports. A new Integral Equation solver has been introduced for electrically large structures, for radar cross section and antenna-placement calculations. Coupled simulation has also been a focus of this release. A co-simulation between CST MWS' Frequency Domain TET solver and CST EM Studio's Magneto-Static solver facilitates the simulation of realistic biasing of ferrites.

CST-Computer Simulation Tec
Bad Nauheimer Str 19
64289 Darmstadt
tel: +49-(6151)730321
fax: +49-(6151)7303100


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