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Product group : Software
Hi-Tech Software releases PICC-18TM PRO compiler
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Hi-Tech Software, a leading third-party vendor of compilers for Microchip MCUs, has released its PICC-18 PRO compiler for Microchip's PIC18 microcontrollers. PICC-18-PRO compiler comes with HI-TECH's new Omniscient Code Generation (OCG).

PICC-18-PRO compiler achieves up to 13.4% better code density than HI-TECH's PICC-18 STD compiler and up to 50%.better code density than IAR's compiler.

Determines the memory space for each pointer for optimal memory usage

OCG algorithms use each and every instance of a variable having its address taken, plus each instance of an assignment of a pointer value to a pointer (either directly, via function return, function parameter passing, or indirectly via another pointer) and builds a data reference graph, known as a Pointer Reference Graph.

When complete, the pointer reference graph identifies the set of all objects that can possibly be referenced by each pointer. This information is used to determine which memory space each pointer will be required to access.

Any conflicting declarations of the same object from different modules can be detected and an informative error message issued to the user. Any variables never referenced can be deleted.

Optimised C library functions increase code density

The OCG technology in PICC-18 PRO automatically generates customised code, based on the use of each function in the program. For example the C library functions for formatting text strings or output, sprintf() and printf(),can occupy a 5 KBytes or more.

PICC-18 PRO's code generator analyses the format strings supplied to these functions to determine the exact set of format specifiers and modifiers actually used by the program and creates the smallest customised version to meet program requirements.

Simple string copying, for example can be implemented in a version of sprintf() that takes only 20 or 30 bytes �E99% less code, which substantially impacts the size of the overall program.

For example, the PICC-18 PRO OCG-enabled compiler achieves 26% better code density that its pre-OCG parent, the PICC-18 STD compiler.

Denser code, better performanceCode compiled by PICC-18 PRO for the PIC18C242 with PICC-18 PRO, without library functions, is 24% smaller than code compiled with Microchip's own C18 compiler, and 20% smaller than code compiled using IAR's EW18 compiler.

When library functions, such as printf() are included, HI-TECH's OCG compiler delivers 50% smaller code than IAR's EW18 and 40% smaller code than Microchip's C18 compilers.

Compatible with MPLABPICC-18 PRO integrates into Microchip's MPLAB integrated development environment (IDE), as well as most 3rd-party development tools. PIC-18 PRO runs on multiple platforms including Windows (2000, XP) Linux and Mac OS X.

Hi- Tech Software also provides its own Eclipse-based IDE, HI-TIDETM 3, including full project management, a flexible editor and a fast, accurate simulator.

Source code and runtime modules includedPICC-18 PRO is available with full source code to all library routines and run-time start-off modules, allowing the programmer to customise the run-time environment for a particular hardware system. There are no restrictions or limitations on use of executable library code.

Hi-Tech Software
45 Colebard Street West
QLD 4110 Acacia Ridge - Australia
tel: +61-7 3722 7777
fax: +61-7 3722 7778

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January 2008