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2kW cooling units incorporate nano-coated condenser
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Rittal has introduced a 2kW cooling unit. The units have been developed using the new EC fan technology and incorporate the nano-coated condenser and condensate management as standard.

The new cool efficiency label, in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14021, identifies all cooling systems that make a contribution to environmental protection. These new cooling systems exceed the requirements of DIN 3168 and meet all three requirements of the new efficiency label.

In heavily contaminated environments, it is vital to keep units clean in order to maintain efficiency. Over time, performance can deteriorate between 30 to 50% if membranes become dirty, leading to an increase in CO2 emissions. RiNano is a thin coating that repels oil, dust and powder particles preventing them from attaching to the condensers. In industrial operations in particular, the air is often so contaminated with dust and dirt particles that the filter mats have to be replaced and disposed of in a short space of time. With Rittal TopTherm Plus and RiNano technology, filter mats are eliminated.

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March 2012