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Product Sub-group : IGBTs
Compact IGBT Switche Series
addresses variable speed motor system design
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A family of power switching devices for high energy efficiency electric motor drives in home appliances, the 600V IGBT RC-Drives family, has been announced by Infineon. The reverse conducting drives enable more cost-effective design of variable speed electric motors, says the company, which can reduce the energy consumption of appliances, such as washing machines, refrigerator compressors, air conditioners and dishwasher, by up to 30%. The IGBT drives integrate the company's TrenchStop IGBT technology and a free-wheeling diode into a single die for a device with low conduction losses. The integrated package allows for a reduction in the system circuit board area and heat sink size, and can reduce the overall motor drive system cost by up to 10%, according to the company. The drives are available in 4, 6, 10 and 15A current classes in DPAK (TO-252) and IPAK (TO-251) packages. Dimensions for both are 2.3x6.5x7.22mm. This provides an alternative to designing variable speed drives from 30W up to 2kW in the larger D2PAK (TO-263) or TO-220 packages which measure 9x10x4.5mm. The family has been optimised with a low saturation voltage of 1.65V, suitable for switching frequencies typically seen in home appliances of 4 to 15kHz, since at these frequencies, conduction losses are the most dominant losses. This prevents thermal issues even when using the highest current devices under full load conditions.

Infineon Technologies AG

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85579 Neubiberg/Munich - Germany -
tel: +49 800/951951951
fax: +49 89 234 85614

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June 2012