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6000W liquid coolers ensure safe heat dissipation
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Fischer Elektronik offers liquid coolers for power modules. The enhanced performance of modern high-power modules, which are used in industrial applications such as drive engineering and frequency converters as well as in photovoltaic systems and wind turbines, requires special technical management.

High-power modules face the challenge of ensuring safe and efficient heat dissipation for achieving trouble-free operation and a long service life. In order to ensure this, liquid coolers of adequate dimensions are preferred as heat sinks.

For thermal dissipation from these high power modules including IGBT, the company has developed various liquid coolers in a range of sizes, which allow them to be used for a large range of common module cases. These liquid coolers are available with different capacities up to a heat dissipation of 6000W.

The modules are fastened to the heat sink by means of screws. The mounting surfaces are precisely milled, and threaded holes for fastening the modules are provided according to the customer's specification.

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Oct. 2012