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BiCMOS Differential Amplifier
features 10GHz gain-bandwidth to drive high-speed ADCs
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Reference: 42658

The LTC6409 differential amplifier from Linear Technology can drive DC to 100MHz signals with 1.1nV/√Hz noise and -88dBc HD2/HD3 distortion. Built on SiGe BiCMOS process, the amplifier features 10GHz gain-bandwidth, 100dB SFDR up to 40MHz, and 1% settling time of 1.9ns. It is suitable for driving high-speed ADCs such as the company's 1.8V 14bit 150Msamples/s LTC2262-14. The amplifier features an input common mode range of 0 to 3.5V and output common mode range of 0.5 to 3.5V when using a single 5V supply. This makes it easy to interface ground-referenced signals to differential pipeline ADCs. Gain and feedback resistors are external, so the designer can configure the exact gain for each application. The amplifier is unity gain stable and the high output current of up to 95mA allows it to drive lower value feedback and gain resistors, resulting in low output noise. Supply current power consumption is 56mA maximum; a shutdown mode reduces this to 500µA when turned off.

Linear Technology Corp.

1630 McCarthy Boulevard
95035-7417 Milpitas - USA -California
tel: +1 408 432 1900
fax: +1 408 434 0507

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June 2012