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Product Sub-group : DRAM
Industrial memory modules equipped with single level cell flash memory
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Reference: 42750

Swissbit (Hall A6 - 421) presents its industrial DRAM memory modules and describes the F-100 Series CFAST flash storage card as the hightlight. The 1inch solid state drive combines the original CompactFlash card form factor with a serial ATA interface. It is equipped with a single level cell flash memory and is the first to reach 105Mbyte/s with four flash channels. There is also the 2GB DDR2 small outline DIMM in chip-on-board technology, designed especially for the use in small form factor industrial PCs. This 200pin SODIMM combines 1Gbyte DDR2 dies with Winbond buried wordline process and the company's chip-on-board, which according to the company, enables the module to become mechanically robust against shock and vibration. Due to the direct die attachment the heat dissipation is enhanced via the substrate and socket and by the extended surface. This keeps the DRAM chips at a lower die temperature under limited airflow conditions and increases the electrical performance. The company's X-200 Series SATA 2.5inch solid state drive in flash technology with SATA II-3Gbit/s interface is for industrial portable applications. The extended temperature range and long life cycle make them suitable for non-volatile, high reliable applications. They are offered in densities from four to 64Gbyte with data transfer rates of up to 105Mbyte/s.

Swissbit AG

Industriestraße 4
CH-9552 Bronschhofen - Switzerland -
tel: +41-71 913 03 03
fax: +41-71 913 03 15

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Oct. 2012