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Product group : Digital ICs
Product Sub-group : Communication ICs + Chipsets
Video receiver features low noise performance
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Reference: 43466

The RFRX8888 video receiver from RFMD performs transimpedance amplification of the differential input from a high performance 1550nm optical wavelength photo detector and features low noise performance. The IC's output is linear low distortion RF from 48 to 1002MHz. The video receiver is suitable for 1550nm optical wavelength RF analogue or digital overlay video receive circuitry employed in xPON FTTP ONT triplexer and quadplexer modules. Its first stage features integrated bias circuitry making external-to-IC end product design simpler and lowering overall end product assembly cost. Optimised for operation from a +12V DC power supply with an efficient power consumption of 1.4W, it eliminates the need for a supplemental ONT power supply.

The video receiver's low noise performance, combined with high output power, extends the performance and lifetime of wired networks by enhancing the link margin and/or allowing more passive optical splits. For FTTP applications requiring +5V DC power supply operation, the RFRX8890 video receiver is also available.

RF Micro Devices

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27409 Greensboro - USA -North Carolina
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July 2012