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Working group to contribute technology and product enhancements to lighting industry
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Renesas Electronics has joined the DALI AG (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface Activity Group), a working group formed in Germany by manufacturers and organisations in the field of digital control of lighting systems to promote DALI AG technology and applications. Renesas Electronics will help develop DALI AG specification and establish the DALI AG standard to drive mainstream adoption of the technology. This technology will enable networking and communications capabilities in intelligent lighting controls for use in a variety of lighting applications by providing application-specific microcontrollers, which integrate DALI AG communication functions. The company is focused on contributing technology and product enhancements to the lighting industry.


The company is focused on contributing technology and product enhancements to the lighting industry and to the realisation of smart controls that enable the reduction of energy consumption in lighting systems and improvement of end-user satisfaction. DALI is a dedicated, open-standard lighting communications protocol allowing intelligent controls over luminaries connected in a network. The protocol enables dimming functions, effective scenes, fault checking and other features that can be integrated into complex building automation systems. DALI defines a standardised digital ballast interface and ensures functional compatibility between lighting ballasts from different manufacturers. Reliable, dedicated and cost-effective communication technologies are essential for system designers looking to develop smart-energy systems with intelligent user interfaces. The standardisation of the protocol promoted by the DALI consortium will be crucial in achieving mainstream adoption. 

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Oct. 2012