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Product Sub-group : DRAM
Low Latency Network DRAM Series
features fast operating frequency and low power consumption
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Reference: 43846

A family of 576Mbit low-latency DRAM products, the μPD48576109, μPD48576118, μPD48576209, μPD48576218, and μPD48576236, for network equipment are available from Renesas Electronics. They offer doubled memory capacity, 25% improved random cycle performance for high-speed data reading and writing, 33% faster operating frequency, and over 10% reduction in power consumption compared to the company's existing 288Mbit DRAM products. Although the memory capacity has been doubled, the products use the same package measuring 11×18.5mm as the 288Mbit version. This enables customers to increase memory capacity and speed without major changes to the design of the circuit boards used. Additionally, they can minimise risks regarding reliability and electrical characteristics.

Renesas Electronics Europe

Dukes Meadow
Millboard Road
SL8 5FH Bourne End - United Kingdom -
tel: +44 1628 585 100
fax: +44 1628 585 900

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Oct. 2012