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APCO expo showcases land mobile radio antennas
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Laird Technologies announced that it has attended the 2011 APCO (Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials-International) Western States Regional Conference & Exposition that was held in Ontario, California. The company showcased a portion of the current portfolio of land mobile radio antennas, including vehicular, base station, and portable radio antennas. Products such as very high frequency wideband antennas, long term evolution vehicular antennas, broadband mobile antennas, and multiband, broadband antennas were also on display at the Expo.


The 2011 APCO Western States Regional Conference & Exposition provides members of the public safety community a venue in which to learn, train, and participate in the current issues that face public safety communications. Participants include executives, dispatchers, and technicians involved in all aspects of public safety communications from law enforcement, public-safety answering points, and government agencies.

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Oct. 2012