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Electronic and wireless products giant names Farnell as European distributor
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Laird Technologies has named Farnell as its European distributor for its wireless and M2M products. Laird manufactures a range of wireless and M2M product solutions such as radio modules, ZigBee radio modules, Bluetooth radio modules and WLAN radio modules.


It produces a range of high-performance wireless modules that use Bluetooth technology, as well as integrated antennas and electronic components. The company's M2M products are suitable for the automotive, telematics, healthcare, retail, finance, security, as well as asset management markets.

Laird Technologies GmbH

Äußere Oberaustraße 22
83026 Rosenheim - Germany -
tel: +49-(08031)24600
fax: +49-(08031)246050

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Oct. 2012