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Product group : Digital ICs
Product Sub-group : Microcontrollers
Single and Multi-Core Microcontrollers
to meet motion control and motor drives needs
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Reference: 44944

Freescale Semiconductor has added Power Architecture microcontrollers to its industrial portfolio. The PX series of microcontrollers are based on the company's e200 Power Architecture cores. The embedded safety architecture helps developers meet the safety, reliability and environmental requirements of industrial control applications. The devices offer a single-core performance up to 600DMIPS with multi-core options and up to 4Mbyte of embedded flash memory. A single chip can simultaneously control up to six motors, process complex math algorithms and manage more than the typical three communications connections. The company offers run-time software, reference designs and tools for rapid prototyping, advanced debug and system modelling. Start-up costs can be lowered by using the run-time software, such as MQX RTOS, motor control libraries and Swell PEG (portable embedded GUI) development suite.

Freescale Semiconductor

6501 William Cannon Drive West
78735-8598 Austin - USA -Texas
tel: +1 512 895 7927

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June 2012