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Gate Drive Optocouplers
are for inverters and power supplies
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Avago Technologies has introduced a series of gate drive optocouplers based on process technology that enables high output current drive with rail-to-rail capability. The optocouplers provide high-voltage insulation and protection for industrial drive, inverter and power supply applications. The ACPL-P34x and ACPL-W34x optocoupler family is available in a stretched SO6 package and delivers a maximum output current of 4A. Traditionally, the company's gate drive optocouplers have used bipolar transistors for the output stage to deliver output current. here, the output stage has been replaced with bipolar CMOS and double-diffused MOS technology, which combines high component density and low power consumption of CMOS with the high current drive and speed of bipolar process. The ACPL-P343 and W343, ACPL-P341 and W341, and ACPL-P340 and W340 optocouplers are available in 4, 3, and 1A maximum peak output current, respectively. The wide range of output current allows the optocouplers to address systems with different power ratings, including IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) and MOSFET gate drive, industrial inverters, renewable energy inverters, AC and brushless DC motor drives, switching power supplies, and inverters for home appliances.

Avago Technologies

Herrenberger Straße 130
71034 Böblingen - Germany -
tel: +49 6441 92 46 0
fax: +49 6441 92 46 4

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Oct. 2012