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Ruggedised 19inch Cabinet
protects sensitive electronics at sea
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Schroff will highlight its Varistar MIL 901D ruggedised 19inch cabinet at this year's DSEi. It has been designed to protect sensitive electronic systems from demanding environments such as those encountered during operation at sea. It is suitable for use on frigates, aircraft carriers and submarines, says the company. It has been independently tested in accordance with the MIL-STD-901D standard, confirming its robustness, stability under conditions of extreme shock and vibration resistance which satisfies the requirements of MIL-STD-167. The cabinet provides IP55 sealing against the ingress of dust and moisture, while its frame and covers are galvanised and powder-coated to protect from corrosion. To keep project costs in check, the cabinet is based on the company's standard Varistar cabinet, with four shock absorbers attached to the welded baseplate and two more are fixed to the rear of the solid top cover, for wall mounting. The shock absorbers are designed for each individual application, with the type and size determined by cabinet dimensions, the weight of the components housed in the cabinet and the position of its centre of gravity.
DSEi Stand N9-233

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