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Ultra-Miniature Quartz Crystals
have frequency tolerance of ±30ppm at +25ºC
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Vishay Intertechnology has released two miniature SMD quartz crystals with frequency ranges from 12 to 25MHz. The XT23 and XT35 quartz crystals offer ceramic packages that measure 3.2x2.5 and 5x3.2mm, respectively. Both quartz crystals have a 0.8mm profile and a frequency tolerance of ±30ppm at +25ºC. They are optimised for handheld electronic devices such as personal digital assistants, global positioning systems, notebook computers, personal computer memory cards, international association cards, and Bluetooth equipment. The quartz crystals operate from 0 to 70ºC, with a temperature stability of ±50ppm. The XT23 crystal offers ESR from 70 to 100Ω whereas the XT35 crystal provides ESR from 70 to 80Ω. They feature seam sealing and emboss taping, and they are compliant to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC.

Vishay Intertechnology

63 Lincoln Highway
19355-2143 Malvern - USA -Pennsylvania
tel: +1 610 644 1300
fax: +1 610 889 0935

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Oct. 2012