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Instrumentation Amplifiers
combine low noise, power and distortion performance
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Reference: 45790

A low noise, low-power, low-distortion instrumentation amplifier (in amp) from Analog Devices is designed to measure extremely small signals in noisy industrial operating environments. The high-bandwidth AD8429 is claimed to be one of the fastest in amps available, with a current feedback architecture that offers 15MHz bandwidth and a 22V/μs slew rate. This is 30% higher than competing in amps, claims the company. With a low distortion of -130dB, the amp can be used in industrial vibration analysis, healthcare instrumentation and precision data acquisition equipment, all of which demand reduced size, power and distortion levels. With 1nV/√Hz input noise and 45nV/√Hz output noise, the amp operates across the extended industrial temperature range of -40 to 125˚C.

Analog Devices Ltd.

Unit 3, Horizon Business Park 1, Brooklands Rd
KT13 0TJ Weybridge - United Kingdom -Surrey
tel: +44 01 932 358530

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June 2012