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0.6mOhm Reflowable Thermal
device protects against runaway-damage
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TE Circuit Protection's RTP200R060SA device is the latest in the series of Reflowable Thermal Protection (RTP) devices that offer a cost-effective alternative to typical thermal fuses. RTP devices help protect against thermal-runaway damage caused by MOSFETS, capacitors, ICs, resistors and other power components that can crack and fail. The new device provides a lower 0.6mOhm (typical) series resistance than the initial RTP device offerings, as well as high-voltage capacity (32VDC) and high-current DC-interrupt ratings of 200A at 16VDC. These characteristics make it suitable for automotive applications such as HVAC, ABS, power steering modules, DC/DC converters and PTC heaters. The device also helps protect power components in IT servers, telecom power, LED lighting systems and appliance electronics. Unlike radial-leaded thermal fuses, which must be installed after reflow, the RTP device allows use of standard surface-mount production methods, obviating the need for special assembly procedures and their associated costs. The RTP device's 200°C open temperature helps prevent false activations, particularly in automotive environments, where a "must not trip" requirement exists for temperatures of 175°C. To allow it to open at 200°C in the field, the RTP device utilises a one-time electronic activation process to become thermally sensitive.

TE Connectivity (Formerly Tyco Electronics Circuit Protection Products.)

308 Constitution Drive
94025 Menlo Park - USA -California
tel: +1 800-522-6752
fax: +1 650-361-2500

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