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Miniature Photocouplers
offer input-to-output noise resistance
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Toshiba Electronics Europe has launched two miniature photocouplers that are claimed to provide isolation in accordance with key safety standards while operating at typical speeds up to 20Mbit/s at temperatures between -40 and +125°C. The TLP2468 and TLP2168 are available in a miniature SO8 package and offer single- and dual-channel outputs, respectively. The photocouplers offer a minimum isolation rating of up to 3750VRMS. Both couplers are suitable for high-speed communication interfaces in applications such as factory automation equipment, measurement instruments and plasma display panels. The TLP2168 is particularly suitable for circuits where board space is limited, claims the company. The couplers are built around gallium-aluminum-arsenide LEDs that are optically coupled to integrated, high-gain, and high-speed photodetectors. The photocouplers offer high input-to-output noise resistance and incorporate an internal Faraday shield, which ensures a minimum common mode transient immunity of ±15kV/µs, according to the company. Operating across a supply voltage range of 2.7 to 5.5V, the photocouplers offer feature open collector, inverter logic outputs recommended to deliver a maximum output current of 14mA/channel.

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH

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Oct. 2012