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Product Sub-group : Diodes
3A Laser Diode or LED Switch
features six independent channels with 0.5A
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Reference: 46376

The spike-free laser, or LED switch, the iC-HG from iC-Haus has six independent channels rated at 0.5A. One single, integrated device in a 5mm wide, QFN package can drive up to six laser diodes or LEDs, or can supply 3x1A if switched in parallel and in pairs for RGB applications, claims the company. All six channels are paralleled for a maximum current of up to 3A. Current settings are selected for each channel using individual control voltage inputs. With a permissible laser diode supply voltage of up to 12V, the diode or switch is suitable for blue laser diodes. In both drive modes of transistor-transistor logic and LVDS, rise and fall times can be reduced to cut down EMI, says the company. Errors like "configuration input not connected", under-voltage, and over-temperature are signalled at an error message output. The switching outputs are also shut down with over-temperature.

IC-Haus GmbH

Am Kuemmerling 18
55294 Bodenheim - Germany -
tel: +49 6135 929 2300
fax: +49 6135 929 2192

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June 2012