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Product Sub-group : Memory modules
Memory modules enable high data frequencies and memory capacity
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In addition to the standard densities of 8, 16 and 32Gbyte, Micron Technology has introduced a 64Gbyte LRDIMM (load-reduced dual inline memory module) to meet the density requirements of servers. The low-power memory modules can help optimise cloud computing, high-performance computing, web servers, transactional databases, and data analytics.
According to the company, the LRDIMMs reduce the load on the server memory bus and enable high data frequencies and memory capacity. Utilising Inphi's isolation Memory Buffer chip in place of a register, the company's LRDIMMs reduce current DDR3 server module loads two times for a dual-rank module and four times for a quad-rank module, claims the company.

Micron Technology Inc

8000 S.Federal Way
Mail Stop 607
83707 Boise - USA -Idaho
tel: +1-(208)3684400
fax: +1-(208)3684435

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Oct. 2012