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Product group : Board Level Products
Product Sub-group : Networking cards
Image acquisition cards for single-camera applications
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Reference: 46508

Euresys has launched PCI Express x1 versions of the powered access licence or NTSC image acquisition cards. The two PCI Express cards are interchangeable with their PCI equivalents, says the company.


The Picolo PCI Express card acquires one or two composite or one S-Video video signals. It is equipped with four TTL (transistor-transistor logic) I/O lines and four video connectors: a BNC, an S-Video connector, a DB9 and an internal 10pin header. According to the company, the card's small PCB size is compliant with the low-profile format and the card is delivered with a low-profile and a standard-profile bracket. This entry-level capture card is suitable for single-camera applications in the fields of machine vision, access control, video security and medical imaging.


The Picolo Pro 2 PCIe video capture cards target simple video surveillance applications. It captures using quick-switching up to four composite video signals through standard Bayonet Neill-Concelman connectors.

Euresys SA

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Oct. 2012