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Product Sub-group : Memory modules
16kbit Wireless Memory
uses RF energy to power electronic systems
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Reference: 46531

STMicroelectronics has extended its family of RFID and NFC wireless memory ICs with a 16kbit energy-harvesting wireless memory, the M24LR16E. The company's dual-interface memories feature a low power I2C interface operating at 400kHz and a 13.56MHz ISO15693 contact-less RF interface, which can harvest ambient radio waves emitted by RFID reader-writers and convert those waves into a voltage output used to power other electronic components. The memory could illuminate indicator LEDs and power the company's battery-less, STM8L-based Discovery kit. Other applications include e-paper devices such as electronic shelf labels, and industrial automation, sensing and monitoring systems, and personal healthcare products. The memory features 16kbit non-volatile EEPROM storage, 1.8 to 5.5V supply-voltage range, Vout analogue output for energy harvesting, and RF status digital output. It also features 40 years data retention and one million write-erase cycles, says the company. The memory is available in SO-8, TSSO-8 or micro leadframe surface-mount packages. A built-in data protection scheme, including 32bit password protection safeguards stored data against accidental over-writing and unauthorised access or tampering. The memory has a nominal output voltage between 1.7 and 2.3V.


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Oct. 2012