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Non-Rectangular Die-Cast Enclosures
are IP54 sealed and coated with a natural finish
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Hammond Electronics has added the 1590TRP and STP models into its 1590 non-rectangular, die-cast enclosure family for audio equipment, guitar stomp boxes, industrial remote controllers, desktop switch arrays and hand-held test equipment controllers. The octagonal 1590TRP is 133mm across the flats, 39mm high, and will house a circular PCB up to 126mm in diameter. The trapezoidal 1590STPs are 39mm high. The small 1590STP is 112mm long and narrows from 79 to 62mm. The large 1590STP is 95mm deep and narrows from 151 to 122mm. The enclosures are available in a natural finish and smooth gloss polyester powder paint, which does not chip after machining and provides a good surface for labels and silk screening, says the company. The IP54-sealed enclosures are available in black, cobalt blue, green, light gray, orange, and red colours.

Hammond Electronics Ltd

1 Onslow Close
Kingsland Business Park
RG24 8QL Basingstoke - United Kingdom -Hampshire
tel: +44-(01256)812812
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May 2012