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Product group : Digital ICs
Product Sub-group : Microcontrollers
Microcontrollers for LCDs
integrate a visual layout and design tool
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Reference: 46730

Freescale Semiconductor has introduced the Kinetis K70 series of ARM Cortex-M4 core- based microcontrollers. The company's portable embedded GUI development suite, a visual layout and design tool, supports the microcontrollers to accelerate the design process. The microcontrollers are suitable for single-chip graphics LCDs, as they feature a graphics LCD controller, 1Mbyte of flash memory and 128kbyte of SRAM, enabling them to drive LCD panels at 8bit quarter VGA resolution without the external program and frame buffer memory, says the company. With a 120 and 150MHz ARM Cortex-M4 core, hardware floating point unit and crossbar architecture, the microcontrollers are suitable for graphics processing. The microcontrollers are supported by the company's CodeWarrior 10.x integrated development environment with processor expert auto code generator, as well as the ARM ecosystem that has tools from IAR Systems, Keil, Atollic and Segger. The microcontrollers feature CPU speed of up to 150MHz, multiple timers and 16bit ADCs with fault control and programmable delay block support for driving stepper, brushless DC and permanent magnet AC motors with or without sensor algorithms. The microcontrollers also have high-speed USB host and device, DRAM and NAND flash controllers. They are housed in a 256 mould array process-BGA package.

Freescale Semiconductor

6501 William Cannon Drive West
78735-8598 Austin - USA -Texas
tel: +1 512 895 7927

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March 2012