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Product Sub-group : Batteries & Battery Packages
Low voltage, micropower transceivers for battery and remote sensing applications
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Intersil has introduced the ISL3261x series of RS485 and RS422 transmitters and receivers for battery and remote sensing applications. The transmitters and receivers operate from a 1.8V supply voltage and consume less than 150µW. They operate with voltage ranges from 1.8 to 3.6V, and data rates that reach 256kbit/s. They provide a 16.5kV ESD protection and operate at up to 125°C, making them sutiable for harsh environments and battery-powered or solar-powered sensor applications. The transmitters and receivers feature a quiescent current of 80 and 110µA, respectively.


The ISL32613E and 14E transmitters consume up to two orders of magnitude less current when operating at 1.8 versus 3.6V. The ISL32610, 11, and 12E receivers feature symmetrical switching points and increased hysteresis. The symmetrical switching points eliminate the duty cycle distortion introduced by full-failsafe type receivers, while the large hysteresis increases noise immunity, claims the company. Low bus currents of ±40µA allow more than 256 transmitters on a network, with no repeaters, while still meeting the RS485 specification's 32-unit load maximum, claims the company. The transmitters and receivers are available in small outline transistor-23 packages.

Intersil Corporation

1650 Robert J. Conlan Blud NE
Mail Stop 62-100
FL32905 Palm Bay - USA -Florida
tel: +1 (321) 724-4646
fax: +1 (321) 724-7886

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Oct. 2012