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Low-Side Gate Driver for MOSFETs
features 7.6A peak turn-off current for high-power applications
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Reference: 47189

Texas Instruments has introduced the LM5114 low-side gate driver that drives GaN FETs and MOSFETs used in synchronous rectifiers and power factor converters. The driver is suitable for telecomms, networking and data centre applications. It operates using independent sink and source outputs from a 5V supply voltage. It has a 7.6A peak turn-off current capability needed in high-power applications where large or paralleled FETs are used. The independent source and sink outputs are said to eliminate the need for a diode in the driver path and to allow tight control of the rise and fall times. The driver has a 4 to 12.6V single power supply; matching delay time between inverting and non-inverting inputs to reduce dead time losses; and 12ns propagation delay. It operates between -40 and +125°C, and is housed in a 6pin small outline transistor-23 package and leadless, leadframe package with exposed pad.

Texas Instruments

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Oct. 2012