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Product group : Digital ICs
Product Sub-group : Microcontrollers
Low Power Microcontrollers
is for next-gen, single-phase metering
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Reference: 47289

Developers can test and experience accuracy results with the MSP430F6736 EVM, a single-phase electricity meter from Texas Instruments and its program and debug F673x/F672x devices with the MSP-TS430PZ100B target board and MSP-FET430U100B flash emulation tool. The MSP430F673x/F672x 16bit microcontrollers use a back-up capable microcontroller which supports real-time clock operation and power management from the main power supply and up to two separate auxiliary supplies. The 24 devices also achieve more precise measurements through an increased sampling rate and superior linearity over multiple operating conditions, such as current range and time, claims the company. They are the company's first microcontrollers with integrated 24bit sigma-deltas and a 320-segment LCD controller. Compared to the previous 160-segment offering, developers can use enhanced segmented LCDs with more programmability and enable more characters on displays, especially with Asian languages. The devices are part of the MSP430 portfolio and are ultra-low-power, ensuring the LCD consumes as little power as possible during operation. The company offers a free MSP430 Energy Library to support metrology software on the microcontrollers, providing an easy start-up for customers developing a utility meter product.

Texas Instruments

Hagerty Strasse 1
85356 Freising - Germany -
tel: +49 8161 802200
fax: +49 8161 802045

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June 2012