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Product group : Digital ICs
Product Sub-group : Digital Signal Processors
Low-Power DSP Architecture
is scalable for power management in wireless standards
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Reference: 47353

A programmable DSP architecture, the CEVA-XC4000, from CEVA, supports cellular, WiFi and DTV standards. There are six programmable cores, based on an architecture which uses an instruction set to enable complex, software-based baseband processing which could only be accomplished with dedicated hardware, says the company. It delivers a five-fold performance improvement over the CEVA-XC323 DSP for LTE-A processing, while consuming 50% less power. The code-compatible cores can reduce software development with optimised software libraries and a single tool chain. The company's second generation power scaling unit dynamically supports clock and voltage scaling with fine granularity within the processor, memories, buses and system resources. Tightly coupled extensions deliver inter-connected, power-optimised co-processors and interfaces to implement PHY functions, further reducing power consumption.

CEVA, Inc.

Mary Rosse Centre 2
Holland Road National Technological Park
 Limerick - Ireland -
tel: +353-1 402 5700
fax: +353-1 402 5711

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Oct. 2012