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Three-stage, 1.2W, GaAs power amplifier for point-to-point radio transceivers
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MA-COM Technology Solutions has introduced a power amplifier for point-to-point radio applications. The MAAP-008924 is a three-stage, high linearity, 1.2W, GaAs power amplifier. Packaged in a 5mm, 20-lead power QFN, the amplifier is matched to 50Ω on both the input and output. The power amplifier is suitable for 10, 11, and 13GHz point-to-point radio transceivers for cellular backhaul applications. Operating between the 10 and 13.3GHz frequency range, the amplifier can be used as a power amplifier stage, or as a driver stage in high power applications. Fabricated using the company's high linearity metal semiconductor FET process, the amplifier features a 20dB gain, 44dBm output intercept point-3 and quiescent current of 1000mA.


1011 Pawtucket Boulevard
1853 Lowell - USA -Massachusetts
tel: +1-(978)4425000
fax: +1-(978)4424167

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