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Mini metal film resistors achieve high power handling performance in harsh environments
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Stackpole's flameproof RNS series of mini metal film resistors is suitable for existing designs that require downsizing or added features. Specifically, the RNS series 1W has an EIA standard ¼W body size, and the RNS 2W has an EIA standard ½W body size. The resistors are able to achieve high power handling performance through tight manufacturing control of a power film alloy, claims the company. The standard flameproof silicone coating makes the resistors suitable for use at high power levels. In addition, the resistors are capable of precision tolerances down to 0.5% and a temperature coefficient of resistance of 25ppm. The resistors are suitable for applications including home appliances, solid state power supplies, instrumentation, safety equipment, welding systems, robotics, and industrial power and control applications where an axial leaded resistor robust performance under harsh environmental conditions is desired.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.

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April 2012