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Product group : Digital ICs
Product Sub-group : Peripherals Controller ICs
Digital DC/DC Controller
lowers switch losses in FPGAs, ASICsand PoLs
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Reference: 47297

Powervation has announced the PV3101, a single phase digital DC/DC controller featuring the company's Auto-Control adaptive loop compensation technology. The controller uses a DSP and reduced instruction set computer dual-core architecture with a precision data acquisition engine running advanced control and power management algorithms in firmware. The controller uses full differential voltage, current, and temperature measurements and an 11bit ADC to provide precision measurement, tight control, and accurate real-time reporting of telemetry information for key power supply parameters. The controller supports a diode emulation mode that triggers once the converter enters discontinuous conduction mode operation. It also employs a pulse skipping mode that reduces high-side FET switching losses by eliminating unneeded switching cycles, says the company. It is suitable for ASICs, FPGAs, processors, and general PoLs for networking, communications, server, storage, and advanced power module applications. The controller is RoHS-compliant and is available in a 32-lead QFN packaging. It also features an output voltage tracking, sequencing and margining, anti-fuse based non-volatile memory, output of 0.6 to 5.5V, a single wire bus, programmable frequency of 375kHz to 1MHz, and system management bus interface.

Powervation Ltd

Block 1, International Science Centre National Technology Park
 Castletroy, Limerick - Ireland -
tel: +353-353 61 506608

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July 2012