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Heatsinks with added cam-clip for good thermal performance
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Reference: 47338

By adding a cam-clip and thereby eliminating the need for a screw hole, the rear side of Ohmite's R2 38mm tall heatsink benefits from being populated with extra fins, which provide a large cooling surface area and an improvement in thermal performance while using less space, claims the company. The additional fins have been extruded by removing the necessity for a 12mm access channel to the screw hole. In doing this, the company claims to have achieved good thermal performance for the heatsink in a package width of 35.2mm. The labour-saving attachment mechanism is capable of attaching either a transistor outline-220 or -247 component, provides the same amount of force after repeated use, and is offered in both degreased and black anodised finishes.


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NE24 3YE Blyth - United Kingdom -Northumberland
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April 2012