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High-end, hybrid-cooled, embedded industrial PC for use in dusty environments
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DSM Computer has introduced the A1-QM67 embedded industrial PC, a member of its Arctis industrial PC family. The PC features high computing and graphic power and is designed for operation in dusty environments. It has a hybrid cooling concept that is claimed to avoid the need for air exchange from the exterior to the interior of the PC. The PC has two heat pipes to conduct the heat generated by the CPU with integrated graphic directly to two large heat sinks on the exterior of the PC. The internal fan ensures optimum heat transmission to the internal wall of the housing and prevents hot spots, claims the company. The PC also has a closed housing designed to conform to the IP50 degree of protection, and operates between 0 and 45°C. It integrates an Intel Core i5-2510E processor with two cores and clocked with 2.5GHz. The PC is also available with Intel Core i7-2710QE CPU, Intel Core i3-2330E with two cores and Intel Celeron G810 CPU. The Intel QM67 is used as chip set. The fast DDR3 RAM main memory can be expanded to a maximum capacity of 8Gbyte.


Despite its dimensions of 305x305x133mm, the PC has space for a PCIe x16 slot to accept an additional short graphic card or a frame-grabber. The external display interfaces such as HDMI, DVI-integrated and DVI-digital are available for the connection of high-resolution monitors. Eight USB 2.0 connections, two external USB 3.0 connections and four RS232, one RS422, and one RS485 are augmented with an internal SATA for two SATA III and four SATA II devices. In addition to two Gigabit LAN sockets, a wireless LAN 802.11b, g, and n is supported on request. An internal mini PCIe x1 slot is provided for short modules.


The PC is delivered with a 40Gbyte SSD, or alternatively also with a 2.5inch industrial hard disc drive. The small, dust-proof flap on the front side of the PC covers an optional exchangeable plug-in unit for two 2.5inch drives or for embedded applications with low storage requirement, a CompactFlash socket for booting the operating system. The displaced rear panel of the PC creates a cable duct for the easy attachment of the connection and interface cables. The power is supplied to the PC from 12 to 24V DC power supply unit or an external 100 to 240V AC power supply. The industrial PC has a low standby energy consumption and satisfies the EuP and ErP directive.

DSM Computer GmbH

Am Loferfeld 50 - 54
D-81249 Munich - Germany -
tel: +49 89-15798-0
fax: +49 89-15798-196

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Oct. 2012