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RTC with 32.768kHz Crystal Oscillator
offers ±3.4ppm frequency stability for data loggers
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Reference: 47447

IQD have launched a tight stability RTC (real-time clock) that incorporates a 32.768kHz crystal with a digital temperature compensated crystal oscillator. The IQRC-100 SMT RTC is available in a plastic package with a 10x7.4mm FR4 base. It has an I2C-bus interface with a CMOS output allowing it to consume 0.8µA at 3V. The RTC achieves a tight frequency stability of ±3.4ppm and operates between -40 and +85°C. It has an interface voltage range of between 1.8 and 5.5V and a timekeeper voltage range of between 1.6 and 5.5V. The functions within the RTC include a full calendar, alarm, timer and leap year adjustment. The RTC is suitable for applications including blood pressure monitors, data loggers, industrial control, PoS systems, security systems, telemetric systems and utility meters.


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June 2012