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Product Sub-group : MOSFETs
Low-loss, P-channel MOSFETs control switches for Li-ion secondary batteries
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Reference: 47445

Renesas Electronics has announced five low-loss, P-channel, power MOSFETs, including the μPA2812T1L. The MOSFETs are suitable for use in charge control switches for Li-ion secondary batteries and power management switches for power supply switching with AC adapters. The company has developed a fabrication process employing ultra-fine process technology that reduces the on-resistance by half for the same effective area. The MOSFETs have on-resistance ratings ranging from 4.2 to 12mΩ and are available in a 3.3mm2 package. The package is designed to allow heat from inside the package to be dispersed to the mounting board via the exposed lead frame, according to the company.

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April 2012