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Product Sub-group : DC/DC Converters
High Voltage DC/DC Converter
features 24, 28, 48, 56VDC output, 500W power
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At the National Electronics Week exhibition tomorrow, Powerstax will launch its latest power converter. The F501-385 500W output full brick high voltage DC-DC converter complements the Powerstax line- up of patented power converters allowing customers to configure compact, high power density, base plate cooled AC-DC power systems suitable for rugged environments. The new DC-DC converter operates over the input range 355-400VDC and provides 24, 28, 48, 56VDC output and 500W power. By combining a number of F501-385 bricks in series significantly higher output voltages can be produced and if up to twenty F501-385 bricks are paralleled a 10kW system can be produced. With a power density of 5.53W/cm3, typical efficiency of 90%, active load sharing, remote on/off, base plate cooling, low start-up temperature of -40ºC and a 2 year warranty, the Powerstax F501-385 offers users reduced energy costs, greater return on investment, greater reliability and longer product life. The converter provides system designers with a comprehensive list of in-built protection functions such as over-voltage protection, under-voltage protection and short-circuit protection are complemented by unique features such as a thermal monitoring signal to provide early warning of potential system faults. 

It is designed to operate as an integral part of a complete distributed power system, with or without hold-up. Typical applications for the F501-385 include military and commercial based wireless systems, radar and communication systems, telecom infrastructure and security systems.


Unit B5, Armstrong Mall
Southwood Summit Centre
GU14 0NR Farnborough - United Kingdom -Hampshire
tel: +44-(01252)407800
fax: +44-(01252)407810

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June 2012