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Product group : Digital ICs
Product Sub-group : Microcontrollers
Pin-to-pin and software compatible microcontrollers for use in industrial and consumer applications
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Renesas Electronics has announced the availability of 12 microcontrollers in the RX631 group. The microcontrollers are claimed to offer a 1.65Dhrystone MIPS performance and good connectivity features in small 64 and 48pin packages with small flash memory footprints of 256, 384 and 512kbyte. The pin-to-pin and software compatible microcontrollers provide single-chip solutions for industrial applications such as building and factory automation, medical monitoring and therapy equipment, security and fire alarm systems, climate control, home appliances, communication gateways and PoS devices. The microcontrollers are also suitable for use in consumer application like in gaming, PC peripherals, fitness and consumer medical application.

The 32bit RX CPU uses an enhanced Harvard architecture with separate instruction and operand busses going to both flash and SRAM enabling simultaneous instruction fetch and memory writes, which is suitable for bandwidth intensive applications such as DSP. Instructions are fed into the CPU from 100MHz flash and are processed by a five-stage execution pipeline enabling single clock operations. The CPU also integrates a single precision 32bit floating point unit, which performs complex non-linear math in few clock cycles, reduces code and data size, and simplifies code development, claims the company. The RX register set consists of nine control registers, 16 32bit general purpose registers, and a 48bit accumulator register. The microcontrollers also have a multiply accumulate unit and a memory protection unit. The interrupt control unit enables fast five-cycle interrupt latency.

The microcontrollers are equipped with one channel of USB 2.0 full-speed and one CAN channel. They are available with a set of communication, timer and analogue peripherals including up to 12 ADC channels, a 10bit DAC and an RTC, which has a separate Vbat pin and built-in anti-tamper detection. In a 64pin, low profile, quad flat package, the microcontrollers provide a remarkable number of timers with the six-channel advanced timer pulse unit 2, the, six-channel timer pulse unit, the four-channel carrier modulator timer, the four-channel timer, dual WDTs (watchdog timers), and independent WDT. The microcontrollers also feature numerous serial communication channels, USB, CAN, six serial communication interface, two SPI, and one I2C. Four channels of direct memory access and a data transfer controller make it easy to handle transfers with peripherals, claims the company.

The microcontrollers also include a pin for connection to an alternate voltage source to automatically power the RTC and a tamper-detection system within the RTC to time stamp an intrusion event from three independent sources, claims the company. The microcontrollers also feature several integrated elements including an on-chip temperature sensor, on-chip 50MHz oscillator to boot up a system at high speed, on-chip voltage reference for the ADCs, and on-chip data flash with up to 100k erase cycles and fine write-erase granularity at just 2byte write and 32byte erase to eliminate the need for an external EEPROM device, says the company.

Renesas Electronics Europe GmbH

Arcadiastrasse 10
40472 Düsseldorf - Germany -
tel: +49 211 6503 1469
fax: +49 211 650 31344

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