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Surface Mount Transistors
meet wide variety of battery powered applications
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Reference: 47806

Central Semiconductor announces the CTLT3410-M621 (NPN) and CTLT7410-M621 (PNP) transistors in the space saving, low profile TLM621 surface mount package. These new devices are rated at 1.0A of continuous collector current, 25V collector-to-emitter voltage and have an energy efficient low VCE(SAT) of 25mV for NPN and 30mV for PNP. The ultra small TLM621 leadless package has a low profile of 0.8mm, utilises 2.47sq. mm of board space and features superior power dissipation of 900mW. The small size and low profile, coupled with superior energy efficiency make the CTLT3410-M621 and CTLT7410-M621 ideal for a wide variety of battery powered portable products including mobile communications, digital cameras, laptops and various hand held products. Both transistors are used in power management applications including DC-DC conversion, voltage clamping, and circuit protection.

Central Semiconductor Corp.

145 Adams Avenue
11788 Hauppauge - USA -New York
tel: +1-631 404 1263
fax: +1-(631)4351824

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June 2012