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Thyristor module for power factor correction in single- and three-phase industrial networks
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Reference: 47731

TDK has extended its range of EPCOS thyristor modules for dynamic PFC (power factor correction). The TSM-LC-I thyristor module also allows single-phase PFC of networks with rated voltages from 230 to 525V AC. Depending on the voltage, the thyristor module is designed for reactive powers of between 10 and 22kvar. 110V AC versions are also available.

The thyristor module is characterised by switching times of 5ms. As switching takes place in the zero transition of the current, the switching operations do not affect the grid, thus extending the service life of the capacitors, claims the company. The thyristor module continuously monitors the power line voltage and capacitor temperature. Possible capacitor failures are also recorded. The thyristor module allows capacitive loads to be switched between L-L and L-N. Capacitors can be switched in three-phase networks by means of cascading. The thyristor module can be used in installations tuned and detuned applications. It is also suitable for PFC in single- and three-phase industrial networks.


With the thyristor module, the portfolio of PFC products extends from 230 to 690V AC for reactive powers of 10 to 200kvar. All types from the TSM-LC and TSM-HV series of thyristor modules are compatible with the BR6000T and BR6000T6-R6 dynamic PFC controllers.

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Oct. 2012