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Product Sub-group : MOSFETs
Driver MOSFET multi-chip modules reduce switch ringing in buck converter applications
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Reference: 47782

Fairchild Semiconductor has developed the FDMF68xx Gen III driver MOSFET multi-chip modules. The multi-chip modules are designed to enable a reduced inductor and output capacitor count, says the company. The multi-chip modules reduce switch ringing, using the company's PowerTrench MOSFET technology, eliminating the need for using a snubber circuit in buck converter applications, claims the company. The multi-chip modules support both 3.3 and 5V tri-state PWM input voltages for both digital and analogue PWM controllers and a 30V device option makes the driver MOSFET adaptable for notebook or UltraBook power systems. The multi-chip modules feature a 1MHz switching frequency, increased maximum load current and high power density. They provide up to 60A per phase in a 6x6mm2 power QFN package.

Fairchild Semiconductor

1322 Crossman Avenue
Mail Stop M-100
94089 Sunnyvale - USA -California
tel: +1(408)8222314
fax: +1(408)8222302

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Oct. 2012