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Product group : Board Level Products
Evaluation Tool Design Kit
assesses digital power modules in real-time
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Reference: 48081

To help power design engineers evaluate digital power components for medical devices, as well as industrial, telecomms and datacomms use, GE Energy has released its Digital Power Insight kit. It is a portable evaluation tool that allows engineers of all knowledge levels to explore, evaluate and experiment with digital power modules such as the popular DLynx PoL and the Barracuda DC/DC bus converter series. It can turn a PC or laptop into a virtual evaluation lab, says the company. It provides access to information such as current and voltage to monitor power consumption at a high resolution. The kit helps engineers with limited digital power experience explore how a digital power module can impact the energy-efficiency of the finished product. It requires only one field to be populated by the engineer.


06828 Fairfield - USA -Connecticut
tel: +1 203 373 2211

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Oct. 2012