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Concave, thick film chip resistor arrays are for optics and optical instrumentation
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Stackpole has released two concave thick film chip resistor arrays. The RACF102D is a two-element array in a 0404 overall package size. The RACF104D is a four-element array in a 0408 overall package size. According to the company, both the chip resistor arrays ensure a significant space savings, improved tolerance and temperature coefficient of resistance tracking. The chip resistor arrays are available with a 5% tolerance, claims the company. They are suitable for pull up or pull down resistors, LED current limiting, memory modules, optics and optical instrumentation, communications and network equipment, multimedia, computer peripherals, and laser controls.

Stackpole Electronics Inc.

3261 Atlantic Avenue
27604 Raleigh - USA -North Carolina
tel: +1 919 850 9500
fax: +1 919 850 9504

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Oct. 2012