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Product Sub-group : DRAM
Qimonda extends Micro-DIMM portfolio
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Qimonda has announced the addition of new DDR2 Micro-DIMM (Dual In-Line Memory Module) products, including a version optimised for the Always-On mode of Ultra Mobile PCs. Compliant with the JEDEC-standard specification for Micro-DIMMs, the new 1GB (gigabyte) devices are only 65 per cent the size of equal-capacity SO-DIMMs (Small-Outline DIMMs). The low-power optimised product features low stand-by power consumption, making it suitable for use in Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) systems, which merge the convenience of such handheld devices as PDAs with wireless network access and professional mobile computing capabilities.

UMPCs feature screen sizes in the 4- to 10-inch range, placing them between today's Smartphones, which generally have displays of less than 3 inches, and small notebooks with their greater-than-10-inch screens. They support audio, video and gaming, Internet browsing and other communication and networking applications, enabling communication, digital media, and information access anytime, anywhere.
The new low-power 1GB Micro-DIMMs have a maximum 32 mA Self-Refresh Current (IDD6), a performance characteristic that governs stand-by time in such Always-On applications as UMPCs. This is only half the Self-Refresh Current of the standard 1GB Micro-DIMMs, which in the new generation consume 64 mA. This reduction allows enhanced application battery lifetime.

The new 1GB Micro-DIMMs use 8 single-die 1Gb (gigabit) DDR2 components based on Qimonda's power-saving DRAM technology. Using a slim mezzanine connector that is attached directly to the DIMM, Micro-DIMMs require one-third less space than equivalent density SO-DIMMs, enabling the compact design of UMPCs and other super-portable electronic devices. A 30 mm height and the ability to mount decoupling capacitors on the PC board under the module further decrease the memory space requirement.

The low-power 1GB Micro-DIMMs are available now for DDR2 speeds of 400 MHz, 533 MHz and 667 MHz in lead-free, RoHS-compliant packaging.

Qimonda AG
Gustav-Heinemann-Ring 212
81739 Munich - Germany
tel: +49 89 60088 1300
fax: +49 89 60088 2158

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